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  • Administrative functionality
  • Clinical functionality
  • Supply chain management
  • Billing & payments
  • Support

Does the Patient Registration Number comply to the EMR standards set by the Government of India?

Yes, the Patient Registration Number(UHID) which is identified as the Medical Record Number in the Pranah application is fully compliant to the  EMR guidelines set by the Govt. of India.

Can I  personalize the patient registration fields?

Yes, the patient registration fields can be personalized for the facility from the list of master fields defined in the configurations section.

Can I configure SMS alerts to remind patients about their appointments?

Yes, the SMS configurator allows you to add the details of your  preferred SMS gateway service provider and configure the messages  in the system.

Can I manage queues using Pranah?

Yes, Queue Management is supported by the system. You can connect any monitor supported by Google  Chrome browser.

What Clinical standards are supported by the system?


Is the EMR part of the subscription?

Yes, EMR comes as a part of the standard subscription.

Do you provide standard data set to capture clinical data as part of subscription?

Yes, we do provide standard data set for EMR.

How does Pranah help me achieve NABH accreditation? 

With a 3-way matching, barcode and make-checker concept in Supply chain, we address the NABH controls of Medicine procurement, storage and handling of Medicines.

Being a Single instance, tightly couple system between CPOE – EHR – Pharmacy, we address the controls of medication administration and dispensing.

Use of barcode from registration to discharge addresses the controls of ADT.

Pranah can be integrated with Clinical Decision Support System which helps Hospitals to address following controls of NABH:

  1. Defined procedures for medication administration
  2. Prescription of medications
  3. Guidelines care of patients undergoing surgical procedures
  4. Guidelines the administration of anaesthesia

Will the system support ADT workflows of the hospital?

Yes, Pranah supports admission, discharge, bed transfer, consultant transfer.

Can I get a customized discharge workflow as per my hospital need?

We have provided a standard discharge summary format as part of the subscription. Any other format change will be done as professional services.

Is it GST ready?

Yes, the instance is fully compliant with all GST norms on purchase, pharmacy sales, Inter branch transfers from both functionality and statutory reporting point of view. Successfully transitioned to 75+ facilities on 1st July as soon as Hon. President of India and Prime Minister of India launched. 

Does the system support Quotation preparation?

Yes, Application supports preparation of Quotation and Rate Contract with the Vendor

What are major features in Billing?

  • Patient Ledger
  • Deposit
  • Invoice
  • Credit Note
  • Debit Note
  • Invoice Settlement
  • Refunds

The system supports the following payment modes

  1. Cash
  2. Card
  3. Wallet
  4. Bank Transfer

Does billing support Cash/Credit patient billing?

Yes, both cash/ credit are supported for outpatients and inpatients.

Does the billing support Govt. Plans, Insurance & Corporate Agreements?

Yes. The system is configured to support Govt. Plans, Insurance & Corporate Agreements.

Can I make the billing as Post Billing for OPD?

Yes, Post billing for OPD can be configured.

Does your system support OP and IP Package billing?

Yes, the system does support both OP and IP Package billing.

Can I create a new OP Package offered by my hospital/clinic?

Yes, you can create new packages offered by your hospital 

Are there ways that I can receive payments online?

Yes, Pranah revenue cycle management supports both receiving money online through E-Wallets (PayTM, Airtel Money, Bhim, Pine labs) or credit card integration.

Do I have an option to update the tariff from front end?

Yes, tariff can be updated from front end with audit trail.

Do I have option to add any new service from the front end?

We provide standard services as part of standard subscription and the user can add additional services from front end.

Who has access to my data?

All your data remains on premise, under your control and cannot be accessed by anyone, including us, without your authorization. The setup asks you to configure a password, which can only be accessed by you. Moreover, the application by design is divided between an object library layer and a transaction layer. The DBA / system administrator has access to the Object library layer but the transaction layer can be accessed from application levels only.

What security standards are followed by the system?

Our system follows ISO 277799 and ISO 27001.

Is Pranah HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Pranah is fully HIPAA Compliant by encrypting the data for the communications at the source.

Does the system support Role Based Access Control (RBAC)?

Yes, the system supports RBAC for the users.

 Does the system support Audit Trail?

Yes, the system tracks all the application events with audit trail of events.

Does the system anonymize patient data for analytics?

Yes, the System anonymizes patient data for all analytics.

How do I get Pranah?

You can fill up the enquiry form at and our representative will install the trial pack on your hardware. Once your trial period has ended, you can choose to buy/renew your subscription through our website.

What hardware do I need?

To get Pranah, you need a 2CPU Octacore, 16GB RAM entry level server.

Can I use my existing hardware?

Pranah subscribers can use the existing hardware if it matches our recommended hardware requirement.

What are the pre-requisites at end user machines to use the application?

You need a desktop with 1GB RAM and with web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome to use the application. The desktops can be either Windows, Mac or Linux.

Is it mandatory to have MS-Office at the end user machine?

It is not mandatory to have MS- Office at the end user machine. Open Office is a suitable alternative to use as well.

Do you provide backup for the database and application?

Yes, we can configure a local backup policy in line with your organization’s IT Policy under professional services. Alternately, you can also contact a Pranah local sales representative for cloud backup options.

How will my users be trained on the application?

As part of Go Live, you will be provided a 3-hours of training over web-ex. Additionally, we provide self-learning video tutorials as part of the welcome kit when a subscription is authorized.

Do you provide onsite training as part of the subscription?

Onsite training is chargeable under professional services.

How much time would be required to setup the instance in our premises once the subscription is paid?

Pre-built data sets, pre-configured workflows & role definitions make the instance ready to use.  Ideally, it would take a maximum of 72 hours (depends on the compentencies of your team) to set up tariffs, packages and plans before you Go-Live.

Do you provide onsite support?

No, we do not. Please refer to the Support section to know more.

 How is the supported provided?

Once you get Pranah, you have free user access to a 24×7 Response Centre and knowledge base confluence for all technical assistance where you can either search the knowledge base, or raise a service request. Pranah subscription holders get access to webinars, Q&A sessions and SLA driven response.

How do I get Product upgrades?

All active Pranah subscription holders get access to the monthly product upgrades.

Do I have an option to add new reports or change existing reports? Is this chargeable?

Any modification or addition of report in line with Product road map can be done under professional services. 

If I need extra training sessions, do you provide the resource for that and what will be the charges?

We do provide extra training sessions under professional services.

Is it possible to integrate the lab equipment and what are the charges for such integration?

Yes, it is possible to integrate lab equipment’s under professional services.

Does your system support Tally Integration or any other financial system and what are the charges for such integrations?

Revenue data and Purchase data can be downloaded from the system and a pivoted version can be uploaded into your financial system. Any other integration is under professional services. Contact your local Pranah representative to discuss scope and commercials.

Do you have SLA’s with the client and how I can get it?

Refer to the confluence repository for the SLA.

What is the time duration for a response towards any issue raised?

For any issue the standard response time is 2 Hrs.

Do I get a dedicated single point of contact for any issue?

Your Local Pranah representative is your SPOC for all communication.

 Does your system support PACS integration and how is this charged?

Yes, the system supports PACS Integration. Contact your local Pranah representative for the options.

Where do I pay to subscribe to Pranah?

You can pay the subscription charges online at

What are Value added Services?

Based on the business need, you can add any number of value added services like lab equipment interface, PACS integration to your base subscription. Validity of value added services is always in line with the base subscription.

What is a Product key?

A product key is a 40-character code that comes with a Pranah subscription. The product key allows activation of Pranah on your Hardware.

Is License fee included as a part of the subscription?

The ‘Right to Use’ License is offered as part of subscription.

Will I need to procure a separate license for the database?

We provide open source DB/ Oracle XE that is free to use subject to 4GB data size, as a part of the subscription. After which the customer has the choice to buy the license.

If I change my server, would I need a new Product key to run the application?

Any change of infrastructure will mandate to go for fresh product key, which is chargeable.

Is the application available for download through the website?

Not at the moment, the feature will be made available soon.